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Starting the Process
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Before you download all of the attached forms. You need to know to file bankruptcy in Georgia you must have lived in Georgia for the last six months. The attached questionnaire is about 20 pages long. Make sure you have enough paper in your printer. The items listed below are other documents you will need.

    1. It is a good idea to run your credit reports. You are now allowed by law once a year to run your credit reports for free. On your computer go to and request all three of your credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. You do not need FICO score information. This is not necessary to file a bankruptcy, but it does insure that you do not miss a creditor.
    2. Find and copy six months of paycheck stubs for every person working in your household. It is required that a portion of these must be filed in the case. If you do not have all the stubs, request them or a summary from your employer.
    3. Find and copy your current Federal and State Income Tax Returns. You must produce the returns that as of the date of petition filing should have been filed with the IRS or State.
    4. Copy the last three months of your bank account statements.
    5. If you have been divorced in the last 5 years bring a copy of the divorce decree and the settlement agreement.
    6. Take the credit counseling course required to file bankruptcy. A list of companies offering the required credit counseling is available here The average price is less than $50.00 and many offer the course online or by phone. You can’t file without having taken this class.

The questionnaire is a generic form we send out to all our prospective clients, if the questions therein or the entire questionnaire itself do not apply to your situation please do ignore them.

Joint Bankruptcy Questionnaires: PDF Format or Word Document