Contract Law

A contract is essentially an agreement between two or more individuals or agencies to perform an action (or to refrain from a certain action) in exchange for something of value. My practice focuses on residential landlord / tenant contracts (representing landlords in eviction actions) and commercial contracts between a consumer and a business. Such contracts may either be written or verbal. A “breach” in the contract arises when one side fails to perform their duties under the contract’s terms. There are certain legal remedies available to remedy a breach of contract and resolve these disputes.

Cases I am currently working on include:

  • An insurance company allowed their agent to perform faulty repair work on an individual’s car, causing extraordinary damage. The insurance company now refuses to admit their wrongdoing.
  • A company is refusing to pay $50,000 in sales commissions to an employee, in breach of the employment contract between the parties.
  • A landlord is claiming that a tenant caused undue damage to the rental property and is both demanding payment for the damage and refusing to refund the damage deposit.

My extensive knowledge of the law (along with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting as well as a prior Georgia real estate license) makes me uniquely qualified to address a wide range of complex issues pertaining to real estate contract disputes.

At Timothy G. Cook, Attorney at Law, I apply my varied skills to address your legal matters with the utmost professionalism and dedication to attaining successful results in your best interests.