Family Law

When making important life-changing decisions regarding your family, it is vital to have an experienced Georgia family law lawyer who can provide you with both the professional guidance and personal understanding your matter deserves. I will steer you through these difficult legal and emotional issues as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can move onto your brighter tomorrow.

I handle family law matters including:

– Divorce
– Child Custody
– Contempt of an Existing Order
– Child Support and Modification
– Prenuptials
– Visitation
– Spousal Support and Modification
– Modification of an Existing Decree or Settlement Agreement

Often times, illogical behavior can get the best of us in situations that are ripe with emotions. It takes a strong legal advocate with a realistic approach to divorce and other family law issues to help you achieve a timely resolution without needless complication. I always offer legal solutions that best serve my clients and their families throughout the difficult process of divorce.

As a skilled Marietta, Georgia negotiator, I am able to resolve tough cases by my approach of practical and earnest legal representation. I inform my clients thoroughly of all their legal alternatives and the realistic consequences of each decision. This saves my clients from undue time and expense as well as from the excessive anxiety of coping with their family law issues on their own.

My extensive knowledge of the law (along with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting as well as a prior Georgia real estate license) makes me uniquely qualified to address a wide range of complex issues.